Blog Post: Five Reasons to Create Interesting Content that Makes you Visible to your LinkedIn Network:

creating content Jul 14, 2021

1. Be top of mind. Every day, hundreds (perhaps thousands) of emails get circulated within law firms asking for recommendations for counsel/local counsel to refer work to in other jurisdictions. By creating content that showcases your expertise, you can make such emails unnecessary for lawyers who are looking for someone with your skillset. (Otherwise, it's probably going to someone's law school buddy.)

2. Generate valuable marketing opportunities. Reporters, podcast hosts and event organizers are looking at their LinkedIn feeds for thought leaders to introduce to their own audiences as expert sources, podcast guests and conference speakers. Your LinkedIn content speaks for you better than any PR pitch possibly can.

3. Build a strong personal brand. Personal brands are built through clarity of message and repetition. Your content creates a positive association between you and the types of problems you solve in the minds of prospective clients.

4. Sharpen your insights. When you commit to creating content, you have to become more aware of what's going on around you. In order to generate good content ideas, you need to pay closer attention to the questions clients are asking, what's trending in the news, and what the future may hold. Being more attuned to what's happening sharpens your insights—both as a content creator and a lawyer.

5. Start conversations. Most content creation, such as publishing a blog post, is an asynchronous act. By publishing on LinkedIn, you get a chance to engage more synchronously with your audience, gather feedback as to whether your ideas resonate, and deepen relationships. Every LinkedIn creator has stories about the significant, serendipitous opportunities that result from a mere 1,300 character post.

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