Always Show Up with an Abundance Mindset

growing your network May 19, 2021

If you’re not sure how to make LinkedIn work for you, try to make it work for others.

Instead of “Who can help me here?” focus on “Who can I help here?”

This simple mindset shift makes all the difference.

  • You’ll create better content that’s useful for your audience.
  • You’ll engage more with other people’s content.
  • You’ll notice, and be inspired by, the cool things other people are doing.

An unexpected and delightful consequence of your focus on others will be that:

  • More people will support your efforts.
  • You’ll generate more high quality connection requests.
  • Connections will lead to conversations and then opportunities.

It’s been said many times before but bears repeating: A genuine abundance mindset is the key to having your own needs met over the long term.

If you set out to help, the world tends to return the favor.

  • Assist in a job search.
  • Comment on a post.
  • Connect two people in your network.
  • Pay a compliment.

Spend less time in your notifications and more time in your feed interacting with others.

When in doubt, be generous and helpful.

Action Step: Everyone who creates content on LinkedIn will go through it: The rough patches where you’re fresh out of ideas and losing confidence. The next time you feel this way, go on LinkedIn with no agenda other than helping other people. Then help some people! Even if it’s just brightening someone’s day with a compliment about how much you enjoyed their post, the good vibes you give will reverberate back to you.

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