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"How to Write High-Engagement LinkedIn Posts" is a a step-by-step guide for professional services providers who want to learn the essential steps involved in building a network, brand and book of business using the LinkedIn platform.

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Jay is a licensed lawyer who worked at top law firms and built a successful firm of his own. For the last decade, he has applied what he learned as one of the country’s top coaches, trainers and consultants for the legal industry, with a focus on using LinkedIn for marketing and business development.

He is the author of four books, co-hosts The Thought Leadership Project podcast, and writes monthly columns for top legal publications such as and Attorney at Work.


Tom has three decades of experience working with professional services firms in the areas of marketing, business development, and building thought leadership platforms. He has been training professional service providers on LinkedIn—from the basics to advanced techniques—since the world's most popular business-to-business social network launched in 2002.

Tom co-hosts The Thought Leadership Project podcast and is a frequent contributor to legal marketing platforms and websites worldwide, writing on marketing and business development trends and tactics to explore and implement.

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